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Our Company, FUJIYAMA TRADING LTD. has been established since 1990 and doing business on exporting and domestic sales of brand new and used vehicles. . In April of the year 2000 we have made very remarkable step for our company and the industry as a whole. Namely, we have established new company called "G TRADING LTD." (Managing Director: Kunio Shinohara, former Managing director of Fujiyama Trading Ltd.) by the joint venture with Japanese leading USED CAR PURCHASE OUTLET company called "GULLIVER INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD." for expanding used commercial vehicles business all over the Japan.
Also, on July of the year 2000, Yoshiharu. Warashina has been appointed as new Managing director of FUJIYAMA TRADING LTD. in order to promote existing business of FUJIYAMA TRADNG LTD. by expanding market and business field.

In Sep, 2019, Katsufumi Abe, our company’s Senior Director has been appointed as a new CEO of the company and Yoshiharu Warashina has been appointed as CEO & Chairman

Our continuous efforts have led to JY5, 400 million (US$50 mil) annual turn over in 2005 financial terms, which have granted us the position of one of the leading used car exporters in Japan.

In 2006, annual sales reached to JY6,100 million

In May 2006, Yoshiharu Warashina our company's CEO was appointed as a Director of Japan Used Motor Vehicles Exporters Association (JUMVEA), which is the only association authorized by the government for used motor vehicle export industries.